Misha Dyernina

Varisian Cleric, Summoner Adept


Backstory A Varisian woman from a family of traders and gypsies, she showed the trait of Desna early on. Blessed with the ability to heal with her hands and call extraplanar creatures to her she was always told that she was to be something great. It was in her cards. Trained in the exotic scarf dances of Desna and tattooed along her left side with a sacred prayer. She casts most of her spells by song and dance. She is driven by an insatiable wanderlust and an unshakable belief that she is chosen by Desna to be bound for greatness. Her greatest treasure is the necklace that serves as her focus to Desna, a silver butterfly inlaid with semiprecious gems. (Archtype – Wanderer. Traits – Ambitious and Religious.)

Feelings towards others Since they have found their way to Sandpoint, the stern dwarf has proven his steadfastness in battle and friendship many times. Also, she can see great things for him in the future in her cards. May need to lighten up. A battle mage that has a penchant to boast. It is all good hearted though. The wild card. Is quiet most of the time except in battle where she excels at finding the right spot in an enemies back. During her breif stay in Sandpoint, Wren has proved an invaluable resource on information and deals in the market. A huge man! Swings his earth-breaker mightily agaisnt all foes. Easily the most deadly member of the group. Sticks close to where the fighting is thickest, usually around Wren. Dan’s Elf: A mysterious benefactor. Has something up his sleeve, I think.

Misha Dyernina

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