Daves RotRL

The Start of an {epic?} Adventure!

In the Beginning there were five.

The setting Sandpoint. Just as a new day dawns for the adventurers five. They are enjoying their (thankfully) free lunch at ___. They are almost broke after an expidition into the woods to find the __ tribe of goblins. 

 In walks a mysterious stranger, as usually these tales go, and offers our intrepid group of adventurers employment for a great undertaking.

"My Order has been contacted regarding a great tragedy that will soon strike this land. It is unusual that the kingdoms of men would call on us to assist them, but when they do call for our aid, it is heeded. I can not tell you much about our mission, for I do not know much myself. I am an emessary sent to recruit a band that will eventually save a great many lives. I have heard that you have a group that fits my task quite nicely. I would like to meet with you all tonight and discuss the details of working together."

Misha, seeing the party down on moral (and money) agrees, but for now there is a festival to be enjoyed! The characters finish thier meals and head out into town. It seems as if half the country showed up for this one. The dedication ceremony of the new church brought in a ton of people from all around. There are merchants of every item a person could reasonably want for even more reasonable prices. The games of chance are in full swing and the games of skill are being set up.

Around noon the township started to gather in front of the newly constructed church for the speakers of the town. After a few boring speaches, people went about thier business **. 

 At sundown a thunderclap drew everyones attention back to the main stage in front of the church. Father Zanthus (link me) thanked everyone again for showing up and began the consecration of the church in earnest. As everyone quieted down he started the Prayer. Suddenly a scream cut the crowd. Then another. Shouts of alarm went up along with high pitched keening. Something raced by the heroes, leaving a dead dog in its wake.


The town was under attack by Goblins!



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