Daves RotRL

The Hunt!

After clearing the town of the Goblin threat, the PC’s went back to the Rusty Dragon to rest. Early the next day they were summoned by Sheriff Hemlock and Mayor Deveron. The leaders of the town asked them to stick around in case of another Goblin incursion while Sheriff Hemlock went to Korvosa to garner reinforcements. The PC’s agreed and looking to get more information about Goblin threat Mayor Deveron introduced them to ((ELF)). ((ELF)) had a lot of information about the five different goblin tribes, thier champions and where they could be located.

The PC’s left the meeting to investigate the rumor of a body being taken from the graveyard. Meeting with the High Priest they discover that the body that was taken were the bones of the old high priest. It looks like the Goblins had a secondary objective to this raid! Misha wanted to hunt goblins right away, but was over rulled by the rest of the group. Especially the Dan.

The PC’s went back to the Rusty Dragon for lunch where they met with Aldern. Mr. Foxglove gave them a hefty reward for saving his life and asked them to go out on a boar hunt with him. Misha, seeing this as a good cover to look for goblins, agreed before seeing what the rest of the group wanted to do. Some wanted to stay behind.

Misha, Dans Elf, Wren and Pallas went to go boar hunting while the rest of the party stayed in town in case anything bad happened. Aldern brought along two servants and gave horses to everyone. The boar hunt went nicely, with Aldern getting chummy with Misha. Misha seeing this as a good opportunity to have two wealthy patrons for her adventuring group played along. They scored a large boar, and brought it back to the Rusty Dragon for a feast.



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